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About P4P Hair Studio

Located in Houston, TX, P4P Hair Studio is owned and operated by top award winning hair stylist Aneesa Smith. We offer a wide range of hair services such as custom wigs, wig installs, sew-in weaves, K-tips, hair loss and scalp solutions, silk presses & more! Our salon uses only natural hair products to achieve optimal results. At P4P Hair Studio, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best hair care experience possible.

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Meet the face behind Promise for Purpose 

Aneesa has a rich history of accomplishments in the beauty industry and matching phenomenal customer service since the early 90’s. Aneesa’s initiative to learn the art of styling hair developed from her humble beginnings when her parents couldn’t always afford the expenses of going to a salon for school dances or pictures. Inspired by her older cousin, she developed her own hair styling techniques. Not only did she learn she had a creative eye but she also recognized the God given gift of her hands. As Aneesa’s passion for the industry grew, she put herself through beauty school and got her license.​

Specializing in creating custom wigs, treating damaged hair and, maintaining the optimum level of hair health with every service and style. Her customers boast of her quality of skill, and attention to detail and her track record in the industry backs it up. As of late – winning the Prestige Awards for Stylist of the year 2022.​

P4P Hair Studio aspires to boost the confidence of every individual who sits in the chair. Offering a unique combination of one of a kind performing products, exemplary customer service and unmatched skill. Book your appointment today and enjoy the P4P experience for yourself!

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